How To Choose The Right Flowers For Your Loved Ones?

Use of flowers varies in terms of meaning, occasions, mood and so much more. Fortunately or unfortunately that’s how versatile flowers are. In order to get the right bloom for your loved ones, there are a lot of criteria that needs to be taken into consideration. For an easier   JeduZa understanding, we have divided the criteria for you and came up with the steps on how to balance each situation.

Based On Occasions

Flowers can be a gift for almost every occasion. And definitely, the choice of flowers will differ according to the occasion. Keep in mind for which particular occasion you are buying the flowers for and what flowers will be available during that season.

  • Mother’s day: Pink or white carnations, tulips, lilies
  • Wedding anniversary: Cosmos, sunflower, daisy
  • Birthday: Orchids, roses, gladiolus
  • Valentine’s day: Lilies, alstroemeria, iris, tulips
  • Christmas eve: Roses, chrysanthemum, pine cones
  • Thanksgiving: Daffodils, Lilacs, Daisies
  • Housewarming parties: Hydrangeas, lilies, white roses
  • Well wishes: Any seasonal flower
  • New Baby: Dahlia, seasonal flower
  • First date: Purple orchids, pink roses

Based On Relationships

You can clearly understand that based on the relationship you have with the person, the choice of a flower will definitely vary. Even the size will be different based on relationships. For instance, you can give a whole blossom to a friend whose party you are attending but you can’t actually give that person just one single rose. Whereas giving one single rose to your boyfriend or girl is considered romantic and that can be an ideal gift for them.

For your romantic partner, the ideal choice for flowers would be orchids, lilies and red roses. But for friends, yellow roses would be more appropriate. As for parents or siblings, hydrangeas, peonies, sunflowers etc. can be few good options. However, as normal gifts for your loved ones without an occasion, you can opt for seasonal blooms.

Flowers Based On Meanings

Every flower represents a symbol and a meaning. Some flowers portray strength whereas others show sign of loyalty, love or innocence. As a gift for loved ones, meanings don’t always hold great value unless the person to whom you are giving is a follower of those meanings. That is something you would definitely know if you have a strong connection with that person.

However, on certain occasions, meanings are really important. For example, during friendship days we recommend you to give yellow roses to your friends as it symbolizes friendship and bond.

Based On Preference

Preference towards certain flowers is an important factor as well. Remember while choosing flowers for someone you love and care about; don’t go for flowers that only you like. While choosing flowers think about the other person’s perspective and preference rather than your own. But yes, if you’re struggling to find the right flowers, there’s always a cheat sheet to it. Go for the common liked flowers and opt for those. It is wiser to choose common ones rather than unique ones if you don’t know the other person’s taste or preference properly.

 Based On Mood

Whether you’re in a mood to buy whole blossoms or experiment with small bunches of the flower is completely up to you and that mood will keep on changing.  On what topic we can advise you on is the mood you want to portray to the person you are giving the flowers to. The mood can be for showing respect, for showing love, for apologizing, for sending well wishes etc.

While thinking about which mood to follow, the most recommended way is to avoid white and yellow flowers. Unless the person you are giving flowers to is extremely upset brighter color flowers are usually better.

Based On Style

If you’re getting flowers for mother’s day, you should definitely get a bouquet of whole blossoms rather than the mixture of different flowers. If it’s your anniversary, a bouquet of multi-flower types would be better. If you’re giving something to someone who likes to nourish flowers, don’t make a bouquet rather give that person separate stems of flowers tied together with ribbons.

On what purpose the flower will be used is also important to know. However, here we’ve only discussed few uses of flowers as gifts. If your purpose is different, the method of choosing the right flowers might change as well depending on the situation.